Eeyal is the language you use to converse with the other characters in the game. It is expressed in mental images that we present as follows. All of these icons are using placeholder art.

There are four actors in the game:

The four actors

Note how the images for actors have a light blue background. Next come actor traits. These are adjectives that apply to actors. The three most important ones cover the three fundamental emotions in the game:

Actor traits

Note how traits always have a purple background.

Next come intensifiers. These are words that show how strong or intense something is. They also serve as numbers:

The four intensifiers

Lastly come verbs. These are the most important words in eeyal, and there are many of them. Here are a few:

Three verbs

Note how verbs always have a bright green background.

A black square surrounding an icon serves to negate or reverse its meaning, like so:

Hello or Goodbye
Good and Bad

Eeyal forms sentences by putting words together with links. Here is a simple sentence:


Pretty simple, huh? Of course, sentences can get a lot more complicated. They can be combined to make an entire conversation.