A Sample encounter

This is a simplified example of an encounter. The encounters in the game are a bit more complex than this, but this will give an idea of their basic structure.

Some children dash past you; there are two Klasts, a Tayran, and a Jomkar, all madly giggling and chattering at each other in a crazy mix of their own languages and eeyal. They don't seem to make much sense to each other, but Kiran children have never let that get in the way of their fun. They play together and improvise. They disappear around a corner, burbling with excitement about something.

Your curiosity is piqued; you turn and follow them. It takes some effort to figure out where they've gone, but soon you find them behind the cafeteria. They're clustered around Koopie, who seems to be pushing a heavy box up a ramp for their benefit. You stare in surprise for a moment. The nature of this entertainment is completely lost on you, but the children seem quite excited about Koopie pushing the box up to the top of the ramp for them.

He's just beginning to show his age. The powerful torso and rippling muscles are still there, but he does not use them with the swagger and abandon that he once did. Koopie is having trouble getting the box up the ramp. He puffs and grunts and shoves; the heavy box slides up the ramp almost to the top. Once there, though, he cannot get the leverage he needs to move it the last remaining distance. The muscles ripple, the body quakes, and then Koopie backs off, panting. He's not defeated yet; he's going to make another attempt.

Here's your chance:


Koopie makes increasingly desperate attempts; he succeeds on the third.

(We don't say in game, but your inaction has no effect on Koopie’s feelings towards you.)

He grunts an acknowledgement. With great effort, the two of you get the box up the ramp.

(We don't say in game, but Koopie likes you a bit more because of your help.)

A weak smile flashes across his face, and the two of you heave the box over the top.

(We don't say in game, but Koopie likes you a bit more because of your help, and he trusts you a bit more, too.)

His face turns beet red. He scowls, but says nothing.

(We don't say in game, but you have just antagonized Koopie.)

Of course, since they are complex beings, characters' responses will vary according to their personalities, their moods and their past history with you.